ASPA Moulding Machine

The ASPA moulding machine is based on the principle of hydraulic pressing. The compression head is equipped with individually controllable compression rods. Depending on the pattern contour, an adapted compaction profile can be set, thus achieving a uniformly high level of compaction over the entire surface of the mould. As a result, the pattern plates can be covered close to the edge.

The main features of the ASPA moulding machine are:

  • Compact moulding machine, simple in construction
  • Powerful machine with an extremely space-saving design
  • Modular structure, individually adaptable to customer requirements
  • Hydraulic pressing with individually selectable compression rods enables very even compression
  • The foundation is not loaded by dynamic forces
  • Model equipment and possibly also mould flaskes can be adopted
  • Available in four sizes: ASPA 300 / ASPA 500 / ASPA800 / ASPA1250