Moulding system basic concepts, special constructions and control

Examples of moulding line concepts

Modular moulding systems MFA = modular system

Advantages of the modular moulding line system MFA:
Coverage of a large flask area according to customer requirements and system output up to approx. 220 moulds/h, the output depends on the flask size

  • Optimal system configuration according to the available space. The compact design requires only a minimum of foundation work
  • Faster and gentler mold transport thanks to electronic drives
  • Low maintenance and easy access to all system parts
  • Well-engineered technology with high reliability in everyday foundry work

Examples System A:

Examples System CS:

BMD moulding line concept: CAL (compact design)

Key Features:

  • Compact line with both DYNAPULSE and Vario-Air-Impulse moulding machines
  • The moulding machine is turned by 90° to the pouring and cooling lines
  • Modular structure according to customer requirements
  • Small space requirement due to compact design